5 Lessons I Learned from Todome No Kiss

Japan’s winter drama, Todome No Kiss or Kiss That Kills (english title), concluded with its 10th episode last week.

“The story is about Otaro Dojima (Kento Yamazaki, my loves) who works as a popular host under name Eight. Because of a past incident, he believes that love makes people unhappy. He now only pursues money and power.

A mysterious woman appears in front of Otaro Dojima. The mysterious woman has a pale face with red lips. She kisses him and he dies, but the next moment he regains consciousness. He realizes he is now 7 days in the past. The mysterious woman also follows him. Due to her kiss, Otaro Dojima dies and goes back to the past over and over again.” – from Wikipedia and Asianwiki

The plot published online is pretty straightforward but like most Japanese dramas, there’s more to it than the looping kiss of death. This drama got me hooked and unlike other series that I would normally binge-watch in a day, I followed it throughout its run every Sunday for 3 months. The anticipation for the next episode, stalking for updates and fan theories for the next episode in Twitter is a different fan girling experience. People close to me might know I fangirl hard and this drama is no exception as I’ve been having some serious withdrawal symptoms for more than a week now.

The last time I blogged about fandom was probably during my Livejournal days, so this post is taking it to the next level. I’ve pretty much tried to find some life lessons while watching (and re-watching) the show, just to give some justice to my fangirling, LOL! 😂 And so, here are some of the lessons I’ve realized from watching Outarou, Saiko and the gang:

1. Sometimes we see ourselves as being punished for what’s happening to us but for another person we can be a blessing.

There are moments where we might feel that unfortunate things keep happening to us such as failing in exams, at work or in life but know that other people dependent or close to us might think otherwise. If we jump back up from these adversities, we might discover other good things about ourselves which will help more people around us.

2. Even if you lose faith in one thing, such as love, as long as there’s someone who will truly care for you and show you goodness eventually that love will come back.

Because great things are better when shared. If we just keep on showing others we care, it might change how they see things and in the end care back.

3. No matter how bent our principles are or how much of a “scum” we are, we can still change.

As they say, the only thing constant is change. Times change, feelings change, people change. So even if we’re going in the wrong direction in life, if there are people around us who truly care to help, we can still change for the better.

4. Ironically, we can also change into a horrible person no matter how good we are right now.

Because change is constant, there are circumstances like when someone dear to us is being taken away from us, we can turn into a terrible person or we might lose our principles. If that happens to you, just go back to #3 above.

5. “Life is really a succession of regrets” – Outarou, DomePara ep. 10

There are times when we might think of turning back the time to undo a past mistake we’ve done or to think that we shouldn’t have said stuff to hurt someone we love, but really we can never make up for the past mistakes we made by trying to re-write it. We can only move forward, make amends bravely and change our present and our future.

Those are just some realizations or confirmation on life lessons that I discovered while watching the series. So in the end it’s not just for getting my Kento fix, but then again it wouldn’t hurt to watch more of Kento… and Mackenyu and Suda 😍

photo credits: Todome No Kiss twitter account

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