IPL: Take Two!

Three weeks after my first IPL session, I went back to Skin Metro for the next session. In between that period, I’ve noticed some changes already. I’ve read from some feedback online that you can notice improvements to your underarms around the 4th session so I was pleasantly surprised to see some changes even only after the first session. I think it’s mostly because I have super fine hair and that the changes differ from person to person.

On the second session, they increased the level of the IPL and informed me that it will continuously increase  as we progress with the treatment in order to have better results. It wasn’t painful although I noticed that the light really increased as I can see the flashing of the light despite wearing the eye cover. This time I got 12 clicks on each underarm, which was better than other clinics I’ve read online. 🙂

The hair removal treatment seems to be working as there’s an improvement from the first session results and this latest one. Hopefully, the results will continue to be good in the next sessions.


My First IPL Session

Getting a long-term, if not permanent, underarm hair removal procedure such as laser or IPL has crossed my mind several times already. The downside is that it can be really costly and a burn in my pocket is something unacceptable what with milk, diapers and other family expenses as higher priority. Good thing there are discount voucher sites now such as Ensogo which offer discounts to different establishments including beauty treatments. Upon consulting a friend who has already undergone IPL treatment, I decided to try it myself in case there’s a good deal available. When I saw the Skin Metro IPL discount at Ensogo, I grabbed the opportunity since their QC clinic is just walking distance from our place. I had my first session last January 30. It was a Monday afternoon but the clinic was buzzing full of patients.


I had to wait a few minutes to get served. Although their reception area is just small, they have several magazines and free Wi-fi to keep you entertained while waiting. When I was called, the assistant showed me to a small room (separated by curtains) that has a small bed and the IPL machine.

After changing, she asked me to lie down and we started the procedure. She placed gel in both underarms and then proceeded to the treatment right away. It didn’t hurt at all, I was just startled when I experienced the first flash. It’s like a quick electric jolt. I heard about 6 clicks in my right underarm and 5 on the left. I figured it’s just okay given that I only have fine hair anyway. They gave me a calming cream (for 300 pesos) and instructed me to use that for 3 days after the treatment. All in all, the procedure lasted only 15 minutes. I look forward to the next sessions and see how effective the treatment is.


Cheek Tint Mission: Accomplished

After getting over my heartbreak of losing the Penshoppe cheek tint, I’m off to finding the next one that will suit my taste.  I tried different cheek tints including Bench’s Pretty when Pinched tint. I’ve tried it years ago before I discovered Penshoppe but wasn’t satisfied. Despite this, I still gave it another shot this time around. Unfortunately, I developed rashes and Daddy Bunny told me to stop using it.  I told a friend about my dilemma and she gave me a tube of Avon’s lip and cheek tint to try. I tried it on and after testing that its compatible with my skin, I stuck with it. It’s just easy to apply and the color lasts the whole day. So far, I’m satisfied with this one. Avon really does create some fantastic beauty products. 🙂

Avon lip and cheek tint

Cheek Tint

It is quite difficult for a girl to find the right make-up, especially if you are not really fond of it. That’s why when I found the Penshoppe cheek tint and loved it, I never let it go. I’ve been using it for several years already and even brought some extras when I was assigned in the US for months.

A few weeks ago, my last tube ran out so off I went to the nearest Penshoppe store. Imagine my surprise when I learned that they have stopped selling those cheek tints! Out of production. Not just out of stock. Huhuhu!

I had to find another one that would be fit for me. It’s hard and frustrating.

To the Penshoppe cheek tint, farewell. You served me well. 🙂

Penshoppe cheek tint