Kenji Avery: A Birth Story

Prologue: Hello, ER!

“Every pregnancy is different.” This is a phrase that I’ve heard too many times but something I’ve proven the hard way. With Yui, I had a chill pregnancy and labor which I wrote about in my old blog. I was hoping to have the same experience this time but every pregnancy is different and things have a tendency to not go as planned.

On my 31st week, I experienced severe stomach pain and had to rush to the Emergency Room which turned into an overnight stay in the Delivery Room where they monitored Kenji’s heartbeat while waiting for my diagnosis. It turned out to be gastroenteritis and I was discharged the next day. However, I started to have high blood pressure upon discharge which continued on to the weekend.

Chapter 1: Preeclampsia and IUGR

Tuesday of my 32nd week, I experienced unusual frequent and painful contractions which I thought would stop after a nap. However, after I took a nap, I noticed bleeding. So for the second time in just a week, I was in the E.R. They immediately rushed me to the Delivery Room for monitoring since the preeclampsia is consistent and my BP is going up.

Late in the afternoon, they did an ultrasound and although I was 32 weeks, the baby was found out to be very small due to IUGR or Intrauterine Growth Restriction and was only the size of a 29 weeker fetus. My OB immediately gave me steroids to speed up his lung development and some other meds that I lost track/count of.

Chapter 2: Monitoring, Monitoring and More Monitoring

I was hooked in the monitors again and was placed in the DR High Risk facility, without any communication to the family and the outside world. It was a night of monitoring and more monitoring. I literally didn’t know what’s going to happen to us and I think that anxiety might have added to my high BP. Lol. I would sometimes drift to sleep only to wake up with a commotion of the resident doctors as they see Kenji’s heart slow down then recover. There were times when they would shake my tummy and say, “mommy, gisingin lang natin si baby ha” and I’m like, “whuttt???” At one point, I asked the resident, “doc, uuwi pa ba kami?”

Chapter 3: The ‘No Choice’

Early Wednesday morning, I started bleeding again and was dilating but Kenji’s heart kept fluctuating and was taking a longer time to recover. When the OB arrived, she dropped the bomb to us. She said we had to choose at that point because I already have severe preeclampsia and although I’m 3cm dilated, the baby can’t wait for normal labor to progress anymore because he’s having a really hard time inside. Our option is to “terminate the pregnancy” or emergency caesarean section. Any further delay might be fatal to the both of us. So she asked, “what’s your decision?”

As if may choice talaga dun no? T_T

So in a matter of minutes, I was wheeled to the Operating Room. It was a whirlwind of CS activities and after a while I heard, “Baby out! Baby out!” after they saw that he had a cord coil, which is probably what’s causing his heart rate to fall. I heard a faint cry then they showed him to me and brought him to the Neonatal ICU.

Chapter 4: NICU Days and Nights

At 1:12PM on that fated Wednesday, Kenji Avery was born! Because of the IUGR, he only weighed 907 grams and falls on the Extremely Low Birth Weight preemie group. With this, he had to stay in the NICU so that he can be monitored closely. He needs to gain weight and reach the 1.8kg target weight before he can come home.

Epilogue: Preemie Strong

For 55 days, the NICU became our home. We’re just glad that Kenji, being our little warrior, didn’t have any major complications and mostly just stayed to gain the desired weight. It is a journey of roller coaster emotions, where time both went by so fast and slowed down during the past 2 months.

Today is supposed to be his original due date but instead of celebrating his birth, we will be celebrating 8 weeks of premature life in the NICU and awaiting his discharge. Can’t wait to see this little fighter come home.

We all have a fighter in us. Preemies just have a little bit more.

Yumeyakata: Kyoto Kimono Rental and Location Shoot

Konnichiwa! The Travelling Bunchies just came from a week-long trip in Japan to celebrate Yui’s 9th birthday. The highlight of the trip was celebrating her actual birthday exploring Kyoto in kimonos. I’ve always imagined how it might feel to wear a kimono and since we wanted to try something special for her birthday, I thought it would be the best time to try this experience. And boy, I’m glad that we did! It was such a surreal experience and one thing that will definitely be carved in our family memory bank.


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2016: Of Travels, Friendships, Family, and Spreading Happiness

“Life is meant for Good Friends and Great Adventures”

As we bid goodbye to 2016, I look back at how the past year has brought me to awesome places and taught me life lessons along the way as I travel with friends and family. Lessons that honed me as a person, a friend, a sister, a cousin, a daughter, a mother, and so much more. Lessons that not only helped me but helped those dear to me as well.

January: Cebu

My first roadtrip of the year is to the South of Cebu as I joined in the birthday celebration of a dear friend. It was with a group of friends from my previous team in Cebu and this journey reminded me that it doesn’t mean that friendships end when we stop spending (working) time with each other. It was also the time when some of my new team mates joined the older group and a good opportunity to build new friendships as well.


Dalaguete road trip with Sasuke; Osmeña Peak sunset

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Life Skills You Learn from Minecraft

I was never a hardcore gamer and would conservatively call myself a casual one at that. The only gaming accomplishment I’m most proud of is completing Diablo II in PSP a looooong time ago. Well, aside from getting 5 stars in Just Dance. Haha.

With this I would say that Yui’s Minecraft addiction and gaming skills didn’t come from me. But as a supportive mom, I’ve grown to love the game as well and by watching her play, I came to realize that there are actually life skills you can get from playing Minecraft.

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Yui’s 7th Birthday: Tangled Party

For her 7th birthday, Yui wanted a party so she can celebrate with her friends. At first she wanted a Minecraft themed party, then changed her mind and wanted Descendants instead. I was already searching the net for ideas when she asked if she can change it again. I told her that as long as we haven’t started the actual preparations, she still can. Her third, and thankfully the last, theme is Tangled – the Rapunzel movie. I got excited as well since I LOVED that movie too! I immediately told my friends Rog, Wendy and Ivy so we can start the preps. We spent two months for the planning, Divi shopping, and DIY-ing the decorations and other items for the party. Complete with a detailed workplan, help from other friends and our hyper-mode excitement, we were able to pull our DIY event styling.

Our DIY moments

Here are the things that we DIY’ed for the little girl’s party. (Apologies for the long post, I just wanted to chronicle our labor of love ❤ hehe!)


Pulled out my Photoshop skills to create her invite. Since we’re digital, go green and all, this wasn’t printed anymore but was just posted in the FB event


Created 40 of these lanterns in 3 weeks

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Chronicles of a Work at Home Mom

Okay, so technically I’m not really a work at home mom. Not permanently anyways. Every once in a while, my mom would go home to the province and I would have to ask permission from my ever understanding boss (oh, hi boss!) to work from home since we don’t have a nanny. These are the days I enjoy the most – being able to spend the whole day with Yui and feel like a traditional housewife. But with the added pressure of work and colleagues pinging me every now and then. Hence, the work at home mom.

I don’t know what about it this time though because only 2 days in and I feel like crashing. With an upcoming major Production deployment on Friday, office budget woes, resources on emergency leaves and Yui’s advance finals next week, it has just been a whirlwind of activities! But instead of ranting about how hectic it has been for the past 2 days and I can only imagine for the next 3 days as well, I would like to focus on what makes this setup extra special and why I would pick this over anything else right now.

Basically, my life this week can be summed up into these things:

All set: lappy, headset, reviewers

All set: lappy, headset, reviewers

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Look-alike Meter 2013

When Yui was a year old, we tried this online Look-alike meter to settle “disputes” on who she looks like more.  And this was what we got:

Look-alike meter 2010

Look-alike meter 2010

And now  after 3 years, we tried the meter again to see if there’s a change since Yui’s grown up from the last time. The verdict is…

Look-alike meter 2013

Look-alike meter 2013

Maybe that’s why there’s still mixed opinions on who Yui looks like more, because it might depend on what angle you are looking at, if she’s having a bad hair day or just being a cutie patootie. 🙂

Happy 3 Years!

This month marks my blog’s third year anniversary. I wouldn’t have remembered if WordPress did not greet me. 🙂

Lucky Three! :)

Lucky Three! 🙂

Wow, I can’t believe I lasted this long (I think this is the longest blog I’ve kept). I’ve posted a lot of personal thoughts, adventures and Yui stories in this blog, but to commemorate my third anniversary, here’s my top 3 most favorite posts.

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