UST HS Batch 98: 20th Reunion

About a year ago, our batch high school student council president published a poll to set a date for our batch reunion since 2018 marks 20 years after we graduated high school. When I answered the survey, scenes from the movie “Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion” entered my mind. I wondered how it will feel to go to the reunion and if someone will say, “We invented post-its!”

Fast forward to 2018, our dedicated batchmates who organized the event gathered a hundred or so of our batch for the reunion. It was such a memorable night! 😍

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2016: Of Travels, Friendships, Family, and Spreading Happiness

“Life is meant for Good Friends and Great Adventures”

As we bid goodbye to 2016, I look back at how the past year has brought me to awesome places and taught me life lessons along the way as I travel with friends and family. Lessons that honed me as a person, a friend, a sister, a cousin, a daughter, a mother, and so much more. Lessons that not only helped me but helped those dear to me as well.

January: Cebu

My first roadtrip of the year is to the South of Cebu as I joined in the birthday celebration of a dear friend. It was with a group of friends from my previous team in Cebu and this journey reminded me that it doesn’t mean that friendships end when we stop spending (working) time with each other. It was also the time when some of my new team mates joined the older group and a good opportunity to build new friendships as well.


Dalaguete road trip with Sasuke; Osmeña Peak sunset

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Zac’s First Birthday: Lego Party

My friends and I had another opportunity to plan and setup an event this month. This time it’s a Lego themed party for the first birthday of Zac, the little boy that we did the Dr. Seuss baby shower for. We started planning for the party around May, went on two trips to Divisoria, spent a weekend painting boxes and sleepless nights designing and printing stuff for the party. It was truly a team effort and on top of the successful event, I was grateful to have spent more bonding moments with friends. It made the party much more special for me. I hope Zac would look back at his first birthday fondly when he grows up, since mommy, daddy and his ninongs, ninangs, titas and titos, all made the party special. Here are some details of the setup we did for the party. 🙂

Preparations started around 10AM and since we lost the balloons we bought at Divi, we had to make a quick trip to Market! Market! to buy additional balloons. It was worth the trip, since the venue truly brightened up with all those balloons hanging from the ceiling.

Rog and Kaye setting up the ceiling decor

Rog and Kaye setting up the ceiling decor

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Baby Shower: Dr. Seuss Theme

One of my close friends at work, who is a soon-to-be-dad, planned a baby shower for his wife. Since my friends and I love crafts and planning events, we volunteered to help with his preps. I got more excited when I learned that he is having a Dr. Seuss theme for the baby shower.  Yui loves her Dr. Seuss books so I know the characters but although my friend is not familiar with Dr. Seuss, it didn’t stop her creative juices at all.

We had so much fun planning for the decorations which were assigned to us. We searched the net for ideas for the table centerpieces, banners and other decors. Since we only have about 2 weeks to prepare and had to squeeze the planning and execution in between work, we opted for easy to make but fun, cute and functional decorations. I even get to share our collection of Dr. Seuss books to display at the event.

Dr. Seuss-inspired decors

Dr. Seuss-inspired decors

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Travel Theme: Up

I’m guilty of sometimes walking with my head bowed down and did not realize that I’m missing a lot. A lot of that can be happening when you just look around. For this week’s travel theme, we focus on the things that we find when we look UP. These things show us how beautiful life can be.

Sunrise along the Lingayen Gulf in the Philippines

Sunrise along the Lingayen Gulf in the Philippines


Clouds as we drive along the highway

Clouds as we drive along the highway


We attended a birthday party before where their theme was Up, the movie. I smiled when I saw the travel theme and remembered these pictures from the party. 🙂

A miniature version of the house from Up the movie as table centerpiece

A miniature version of the house from Up the movie as table centerpiece

The flying house from the movie as party decorations

The flying house from the movie as party decorations


No matter what challenges life brings us, we should always stand up from each fall, hold our head up high and move on.

Life is Beautiful

Life is Beautiful


Things That Make Me Smile: UAAP

Even though the UST Tigers lost to Ateneo in game 2 of the UAAP season 75 basketball finals, the live game experience is still one of a kind. I have a lot of reasons to smile despite another heartbreaking loss.

Sea of Yellow

Hearing the Go USTE cheer live is really an experience. There is something momentous in cheering for your alma mater with all your heart. Truly, college basketball is one of the best.


Sea of Yellow

The players

Both Ateneo and UST gave their best in this game. It was so close that the game can go either way. In the end, I would say that Ateneo’s experience and UST’s free throws cost us the game. Hats off to both teams – including a more subdued Coach Pido 🙂

Shoot out

Ateneo vs UST: game 2 of UAAP 75 finals

Hail, Ateneo, Hail!

I commend the UST crowd for giving a standing ovation and clapping wholeheartedly right after the game, after Ateneo sang their hymn and when the team was awarded the Championship trophy. That is good sportsmanship.

One Big Fight!

One Big Fight!

Go USTe! 

I got teary eyed and goose bumps when we sang the UST Hymn and again felt proud when the crowd kept cheering GO USTE even after the game. Even after the loss. School pride makes me smile. 🙂

Go USTe!

Go USTe!

So despite the loss, the experience was all worthwhile. Coz at the end of the day, Ang tomasino May Puso, Pride at Palaban. Bawi na lang next year 🙂

Food and Family for a Happy Me!

My mom has to go somewhere today so I’ve worked from home. And mind you, working from home with a very makulit tot can be very taxing. Good thing I still have these things to make me smile and take my mind off my workload and give me a little bit more patience.

My father-daughter team always makes me smile. Especially if we’re just goofing around the house doing wacky poses.goofy

Free breakfast when I had my APE at Healthway satisfied my tummy – especially after that 12hour fasting!free brekky

Artworks by the little tot always make me smile.artwork

Joining the Dagdag Bawas Program at the office with my friends is a blast. This is our “before” photo. Let’s see how much it will change in 2 months. team pura

Tangled dogs and friendships

In today’s edition of things that make me smile…

Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi in Tangled make me excited *teehee*

LRT 2 makes me smile. Exact opposite of the MRT. 🙂

Meeting my high school friends at UST’s 400th year countdown was fun!

This photo just make me laugh. We bought Yui a potty and this is how she first used it.

What the heck is an UPGRADED DOG?! What’s the difference between a native and upgraded dog, I wonder. They both have the same penalty anyways

Things that make me smile

Inspired by my cousin’s awesome blog that never failed to bring a smile on my face especially in my most stressful moments, I would like to try share the things that make me smile to whoever will stumble into this page. Maybe I can bring some smiles to you too 🙂

playing with vanity dresser

Little 1-yr. old girls playing with vanity dressers make me smile

putting on "nail polish"

Especially if they know the purpose of the cosmetics and jewelry included in the vanity. Here, Yui puts on the pretend nail polish on her Ninang Leslie’s toes 🙂


Watching Showtime live made me laugh out loud. It made my day!


This year’s Goldilocks planner is very nice. I won’t trade mine with any of the “popular coffee shop’s” planner. It made me smile to have matching planners with my friend, Ivy.


These guys made me laugh. My friend, Paul is almost the same size as our big boss Mike. Their hair styles and polo shirts can pass them off as twins. 😀


Lovebirds in the office make me smile. Especially when the husband visits us daily and brings merienda to his wifey and ME! Share the love. Share the food. 🙂