Temple Yoga

One of my colleagues in Cebu recently started attending yoga classes. When I was there last June I got the chance to attend one. But it wasn’t just an ordinary yoga class. It was a yoga and meditation class that will be held in a Buddhist temple, the very first time that the Surya Nanda Yoga studio organized.

Temple Yoga Invitation

Temple Yoga Invitation

It looks to be a promising experience so despite our tired bodies (coming from an outing the day before), we woke up early Sunday morning to attend the yoga class. There were a lot of participants, ranging from the young to the senior citizens and with different yoga experiences. Newbies like us and veteran yoga practitioners all joined together in a one-hour sweat-inducing, body-flexing yoga class.

Yoga attendees

While waiting for the class to start. Once it started, the temple was filled with participants.

After the yoga, we immersed in a 30-minute meditation with Mr. Erwin Go from the Chu Un temple. It was a very relaxing experience and something that we can all practice in our daily routines.

Inside the temple

You can pick one spot to look at when meditating, like the corner post in front of the temple

The registration fee of Php 200 included a vegetarian breakfast after the yoga and meditation session. We all feasted on tofu, mushrooms and fruits. It was a different breakfast spread from the usual tapsilog and tosilog but it was a great way to end the program. We went home with a clearer mind and a happy tummy.

Vegetarian breakfast

Vegetarian breakfast

I was able to talk with Ms. Jean Torrefranca, one of the owners of Surya Nanda studio and she mentioned that their group frequents the meditation sessions of Mr. Go every Thursday nights. Their yoga studio is less than a year old but their classes are always full, according to my colleague who goes there. Even doctors and lawyers who are regulars in the yoga classes mentioned that yoga helps them in their cases by clearing their minds and bodies. Surya Nanda’s yoga classes are also way cheaper than in Manila which makes me wish it was also that affordable here. If it is, I’ll be sure to go weekly.

All in all it was a great experience and something that I will try again soon when there’s an opportunity.

Chu Un Buddhist Temple

Chu Un Buddhist Temple

Run For Your Life

I like jogging since I was small. I still vividly remember my Sunday jogging moments with my pops at UST when I was about 6 years old. He would teach me the difference between “derecha” (right) and “izquierda” (left) as we make our turns at the Lovers’ Lane and around the open field. I’m not a hardcore runner though so I would just occasionally go for a morning run up until college. I guess it was partly because I love sleeping more so I would prefer sleeping in than getting up to run. 😉

My interest in running (or in reality: jogging/brisk walking) came back last year when I was in Cebu with my friend. We would jog around Ayala near our office after work together with some of our team mates. Earlier this year I started jogging weekly and saw some good results after a month. I lost weight and became interested in the sport again.

Recently, we discovered the Sunday UP oval run. Together with our college friends, our family would  rise at 5:30am to jog at UP by 6am. It is an early start for us, especially Yui, but it’s a good opportunity to bond as a family so why not? 🙂 I’m so proud of Yui for being able to jog/walk one round of the oval at her age. Aside from fitness, our goal is to also take her closer to nature and let her experience playing and running wild with trees and butterflies around.

These trees bring a fresh change to our scenery and help us teach Yui to appreciate mother nature. Jogging also is a good family bonding activity…and it’s free too! 🙂

Joggers around nature

After jogging around the oval, we would cool down at the Engineering building steps and do some laps up and down these stairs. It’s also a good bonding session between Yui and her ninang Jen. Now, she’s not shy around her anymore. 🙂

Stairs exercise


I’m looking forward to run for our lives and hope to continue this activity to be able to raise a healthy and happy child. 🙂

IPL: Take Two!

Three weeks after my first IPL session, I went back to Skin Metro for the next session. In between that period, I’ve noticed some changes already. I’ve read from some feedback online that you can notice improvements to your underarms around the 4th session so I was pleasantly surprised to see some changes even only after the first session. I think it’s mostly because I have super fine hair and that the changes differ from person to person.

On the second session, they increased the level of the IPL and informed me that it will continuously increase  as we progress with the treatment in order to have better results. It wasn’t painful although I noticed that the light really increased as I can see the flashing of the light despite wearing the eye cover. This time I got 12 clicks on each underarm, which was better than other clinics I’ve read online. 🙂

The hair removal treatment seems to be working as there’s an improvement from the first session results and this latest one. Hopefully, the results will continue to be good in the next sessions.

My First IPL Session

Getting a long-term, if not permanent, underarm hair removal procedure such as laser or IPL has crossed my mind several times already. The downside is that it can be really costly and a burn in my pocket is something unacceptable what with milk, diapers and other family expenses as higher priority. Good thing there are discount voucher sites now such as Ensogo which offer discounts to different establishments including beauty treatments. Upon consulting a friend who has already undergone IPL treatment, I decided to try it myself in case there’s a good deal available. When I saw the Skin Metro IPL discount at Ensogo, I grabbed the opportunity since their QC clinic is just walking distance from our place. I had my first session last January 30. It was a Monday afternoon but the clinic was buzzing full of patients.


I had to wait a few minutes to get served. Although their reception area is just small, they have several magazines and free Wi-fi to keep you entertained while waiting. When I was called, the assistant showed me to a small room (separated by curtains) that has a small bed and the IPL machine.

After changing, she asked me to lie down and we started the procedure. She placed gel in both underarms and then proceeded to the treatment right away. It didn’t hurt at all, I was just startled when I experienced the first flash. It’s like a quick electric jolt. I heard about 6 clicks in my right underarm and 5 on the left. I figured it’s just okay given that I only have fine hair anyway. They gave me a calming cream (for 300 pesos) and instructed me to use that for 3 days after the treatment. All in all, the procedure lasted only 15 minutes. I look forward to the next sessions and see how effective the treatment is.


Cheek Tint Mission: Accomplished

After getting over my heartbreak of losing the Penshoppe cheek tint, I’m off to finding the next one that will suit my taste.  I tried different cheek tints including Bench’s Pretty when Pinched tint. I’ve tried it years ago before I discovered Penshoppe but wasn’t satisfied. Despite this, I still gave it another shot this time around. Unfortunately, I developed rashes and Daddy Bunny told me to stop using it.  I told a friend about my dilemma and she gave me a tube of Avon’s lip and cheek tint to try. I tried it on and after testing that its compatible with my skin, I stuck with it. It’s just easy to apply and the color lasts the whole day. So far, I’m satisfied with this one. Avon really does create some fantastic beauty products. 🙂

Avon lip and cheek tint

The ER Scare

I’ve never been a fan of hospitals. I’m not the type that’s scared of the needles and scream at the sight of blood. It’s just that I don’t like the thought of going or staying at hospitals. It has some sort of creepy aura that can bring chills or in most cases get you lost in its ramps and annexes and main buildings. Unless probably if you’re in St. Luke’s Global where you’ll somewhat feel that you’re in a hotel. Nonetheless it still makes me uneasy.

Luckily, we’re able to stay out of hospitals for the most part. My first confinement was when I was 7 months pregnant then the next was when I gave birth. But this year is different. Just this January Yui got admitted and then this week it was my mom. Que horror! Both incidents required us to bring them to the ER. And both are because of vomiting.

It’s hard to imagine my mom that weak and helpless much less seeing her in pain. Those hours at the ER were full of discomfort and tension. It didn’t help that the staff were indiferent and lack TLC either.

Good thing it wasn’t that serious and I finally got a relief to know what’s wrong with her. I just hope we wouldn’t be going back to the hospital soon. I just might die. Or worse, faint.

Cheek Tint

It is quite difficult for a girl to find the right make-up, especially if you are not really fond of it. That’s why when I found the Penshoppe cheek tint and loved it, I never let it go. I’ve been using it for several years already and even brought some extras when I was assigned in the US for months.

A few weeks ago, my last tube ran out so off I went to the nearest Penshoppe store. Imagine my surprise when I learned that they have stopped selling those cheek tints! Out of production. Not just out of stock. Huhuhu!

I had to find another one that would be fit for me. It’s hard and frustrating.

To the Penshoppe cheek tint, farewell. You served me well. 🙂

Penshoppe cheek tint

Dagdag Bawas Program

Through the years, me and my closest office friends have grown so close to each other. We’ve seen ourselves grow in our careers, our families and even our weight.

Our project group recently launched a “Dagdag Bawas” program that will help people either lose or gain weight. There will be seminars for good diet and exercise, a structured program from certified gym instructors and other activities to help reach the goal.

We decided to join this program, primarily to lose our unwanted “baby fats”. It will also be a good step for my friend who’s getting married early next year so that she’ll be in her curvy shape on her big day. I’m excited to start this program and experience a different bonding session with my friends. We will need a lot of patience and sense of humor for this.

Let’s Get Physical

I’ve always loved dancing and since I still cannot get rid of these postpartum weight, I thought of getting back in shape through dance. Good thing that my friend Ivy and I saw the ACTS Dance Academy online. The studio is located at GA Tower in EDSA and it’s just near our office (and the MRT) so I think it is the perfect opportunity to ACT and get in shape 🙂

After two weeks of planning, I finally went today after office and attended the Hiphop Beginner open class. I enjoyed it a lot and plan to go back for the YP Dance Mix or Pilates class. Good luck on being fit, healthy and slim! haha! 🙂


For several weeks now, I’ve been having headache attacks which occurs mostly around lunch time. I don’t know what’s with lunch but I noticed it happening or starting during those hours. When I was out in a park, I attributed it to the heat but I noticed it attacks me even if I’m inside the office.

It would go away after a power nap but it got alarming when yesterday it still hurts even if I napped for 30 minutes already. I decided to go home, get some rest and see a doctor this weekend.

Hopefully, this is nothing serious…

P.S. I know most people would think that maybe Yui is an ate already, sorry to burst your bubble but it’s not. ;-p