Travel Theme: Beaches

The Philippines boasts of having a lot of beaches – from white sandy beaches to pink shorelines. That’s why I became so excited with this week’s travel theme. Here are some of the beaches I’ve been to in my homeland 🙂


Boracay Island, Aklan

This shot was taken last 2008, before Daddy Bunny and I got married. Boracay’s white sand is famous worldwide and they have these huge sand castles at night that add up to the island’s views.

Boracay 2008

Boracay 2008

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Travel theme: Couples

With the shutting down of the multiply social network feature in December, I’ve been spending more time in my old site, reminiscing the photos that I’ve posted several years back. With this week’s travel theme – couples, I discovered a lot of material that  I can get from my multiply site. It also gave me an opportunity to look back at the happy moments and travels that we did. Here are the shortlisted photos from our previous travels 🙂

Dusk in Boracay, one of the Philippines’ best beaches, is a great time to lounge around the shore and spend some quality time with your special someone.

Dusk in Boracay

In The Park at Real, Quezon, Philippines, the Pacific Ocean meets Tignoan River forming an estuary. The end point of the Pacific Ocean is a nice spot for some romantic walk or a quiet time sitting beside your loved one.

The Park, Real Quezon

Still at The Park, but on the river side, we saw these two kids handling a small boat that ferry guests from the camp to the other side of the river.

The Park, Quezon

Two men walking along the shores of Boracay. Sweet! 🙂

HHWW: Holding Hands While Walking

My friend and I got these BFF bunny rings in Chicago during an easter event that we attended.

BFF Bunny Rings

And the ultimate pair I got to taste in Batangas, Philippines: Kapeng Barako and Pandesal. Yummy!

Best Morning Pair

The PaRK at Real, Quezon

Our summer was indeed very busy, with excursions and outings weekly. Yui was really sunburned but it sure was fun to be in the water. One of the places that we’ve been was The Pacific Recreation Kamp (The PaRK) at Real, Quezon. It was hubby’s company summer outing and his teammates are frequent visitors of the place, being surfing enthusiasts. The PaRK is popular for surfers since there are nice waves that they can truly enjoy.

Our road trip from Libis, Quezon City to Real, Quezon took about 3 hrs and we passed by the famous Bitukang Manok, which is a very long road with too much sharp curves it will make you dizzy. Good thing hubby drives carefully that we didn’t feel too nauseous along the way. If we were riding a bus, I would have felt reaaaaaly bad! :p

Arriving at The PaRK, you will see this neat graffiti wall with PSA on it, which, I assume stands for Philippine Surfing Academy.

graffiti wall

Even though the place is mainly for surfing, we still made the most of our stay there and enjoyed the other things that they offer. In their vast lawn, there are chairs made from recycled car tires and a play house that kept the little one entertained.

lawnplay house

The guys also had fun playing basketball and lawn bowls. It was the first time that I saw those lawn bowls and I thought at first that it was just a game invented by the owner since they have a huge lawn to play with. Apparently, it really is a sport popular in the UK and other parts of the world.

basketballlawn bowls

The team bought (very cheap) fish, squid and liempo from the nearby market which they grilled there while the others are busy exploring the resort. We had a very filling lunch with all those grilled food goodness, some hotdogs and lots of rice! Yummy! One of the good things about the resort too is the discipline that the guests have. Upon our arrival, the owner welcomed us and informed us of the rules of the resort – which is to throw trash in the proper bins and do not feed the dogs. That’s why the place is really in tip top shape. 🙂

Of course our main goal is the beach and surfing! We had fun playing with pebbles along the Tignoan River and some walked along the low tides of the Pacific Ocean. One of the great things about The PaRK is that it is located along an estuary – where the Tignoan River meets the Pacific Ocean. 🙂

This is the side of the Tignoan River.

Tignoan River

And the Pacific Ocean side. You can just sit around and gaze upon the vastness of the ocean or walk hand in hand with your special someone during the low tide 🙂

Pacific Ocean

Going to the surfing area, you have to cross the estuary. It is chest-deep but the current can make it difficult to cross. We had to ride a banca to cross that small stretch because Yui was scared of the fast-moving current.

crossing the estuary

The group had a short crash course of surfing since most of them are first timers. It was fun to see them enjoying the waves even though most of them wasn’t able to stand on the board :p


It was a short but sweet stay at The PaRK and hopefully we will be come back someday – with Yui surfing with us. 🙂

The PaRK