Kiddie Kist Christmas Box: Potpourri Card

Last week was crazy in the household. It was Yui’s exam week and we’ve got tons of cupcake orders. That’s why we didn’t get a chance to have some Kiddie Kist time. Since it’s already school vacation this week, we finally get to have some time for arts and crafts. The second activity in the December Kiddie Kist box is the Potpourri Christmas Card, which was really nostalgic for me. I remember during my younger years before Photobooths became hip and popular, giveaways on birthday parties and weddings are potpourri bottles. I don’t know how they were so popular back then but I remember having a huge collection in my boarding house. So it was cool for Kiddie Kist to introduce potpourri to the younger generation. 🙂

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Kiddie Kist Christmas Box: Cone Ornament

Yui loves making crafts as she’s been making projects in Homeroom Center ever since she was 1 year old. It helps boost her creativity and is a great way to spend her time at home. That’s why when Teacher Pia asked if I want to be a part of Kiddie Kist, I did not hesitate one bit! Kiddie Kist is a monthly subscription for parents who want to boost their child’s creativity and intelligence. They send out a box full of activities just right for the child’s age. When our Christmas Kiddie Kist box was delivered, Yui was so excited to see all these crafts. I don’t know about this kid but she gets excited with glue, tape and sequins. 🙂

The first activity from this box is the Christmas Cone Ornament. They send out the instructions in e-mail and post it on their website. After school, Yui got the box and took out the materials for the cone ornament.

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