Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above

Welcome May! I feel so good to finally be back after my April hiatus. It has been a manic April month and I can’t wait to look down on all those work like they’re teeny tiny ants just marching by. Looking down. From Above. So timely with this week’s photo challenge: From Above.


Shadow Hearts

Walking along the path way, hand in hand with you

I see our shadows dancing, shadows of us two

And on this bright sunny day, both of us played

Played with our shadows, our hands, our hearts

Standing from above here, looking down on us

All my love for you will forever last

Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

This week’s photo challenge is all about CHANGE. Since last year we were already contemplating on whether to continue Yui in the Home Room playgroup or move her to the “big school”. It was one of those decisions that meant a huge adjustment is coming.

This summer, we already went to the big school and the little one submitted her application for pre-school, took the entrance exams and had a glimpse of her future school.

It is huge and so much bigger than the Home Room center. It will have more students than the playgroup. It will have stricter rules and school regulations.

Definitely, a big change is coming our way. But this is something that we will all embrace with open arms. Our whole family is hand in hand with the adjustments that this change will bring.


And this application for enrollment is just the first step of our little big girl. 🙂

Application for enrolment

One small step. One giant leap.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Future Tense

This week’s photo challenge is all about showing a photo that says FUTURE TENSE to me.


I took this photo of the sunset at Cordova, Cebu the last time I went to visit my team there. We had dinner at Lantaw Floating Restaurant and this breathtaking sunset was the highlight of our day. To others, a sunset might mean that another day is ending, but personally I feel that it can also be a beginning…

A beginning of the coming night.

A perfect time to spend quiet and special moments with our loved ones.

And a promise that a new day is coming. A promise that tomorrow will bring new opportunities, new chances and a fresh start.

Phoneography Challenge: My Neighborhood

Wow, this is actually my first time to join the photo challenge posting through the mobile WordPress app. Amazing, right? 🙂

The Phoneography Challenge encourages bloggers to post photos captured using their phones. I’ve actually been posting lots of “phoneography” already but this is the first official challenge and I figured it would be fun to join.

I initially planned on getting out and take photos of our place but I still haven’t managed to do so (still planning…) Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time at work due to urgent tasks so last night I took photos of the area where I normally wait for Daddy Bunny to pick me up at night.

Trikes Abound

Not yet our ride: Trikes Abound

Aside from taxis and private vehicles that pass by this area, there are a lot of these tricycles that is common transportation to bring employees to the nearby MRT station and residential area.

Pan de Manila

Pan de Manila: Home of the freshly baked Pandesal

One of my favorite places in this office is the Pan de Manila bakery. It sells the local pandesal which keeps me nourished and brings back childhood memories as well.

Pan de Manila

Pan de Manila: Clearer sign

Photos taken using my Samsung Galaxy S II


Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward

Little Flower Girl

Little Flower Girl

This week’s photo challenge is all about sharing something that says FORWARD to you. We encounter a lot of peaks and uncertainties in our lives. It may come out as a nice surprise in the end or a huge disappointment. Either way, we will never know unless we try, right?

Just like this photo of Yui when she was one of the flower girls at our friends’ wedding. We came upon this very nice looking staircase so she immediately started climbing. Halfway through, the guard reprimanded us and told us that we can’t climb up those stairs. For a split second, Yui was disappointed but she turned the other way then looked for a new place to explore.

That’s how it’s supposed to be, right? When an experience brings us disappointment, no matter how promising it seemed to be, we should just turn around, move on and look forward to a better tomorrow. 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique

Recently, we’ve been busy with preparations for some of our friends’ weddings. Four couple friends have asked Yui to be their flower girl so we’ve been to gown measurements, fitting and hunting of a dress since January. When I read about this week’s photo challenge, my thoughts wandered to our own wedding. Daddy bunny and I love Japanese music and anime and these were incorporated into our wedding program.

One of our unique ideas which received very good feedback from our guests is our wedding cake. Getting this cake was sort of a last minute decision. We initially wanted to have just a simple cake from the friendly neighborhood bake shop but when I saw this baker’s site and the cakes she made, I just fell in love with her work. So despite pulling another arm for the cake, we went for it. And we were not disappointed.

Our Wedding Cake: Japanese personal style

Our Wedding Cake: Japanese personal style

Some of our guests, who were not familiar with the Bleach anime, were baffled why the bride and groom toppers were wearing black. Well, we patterned them from Ichimaru Gin and Matusumoto Rangiku who are captain and vice-captain of the Shinigami. Too bad we were not able to have a zanpakuto in the topper but it might scare some of the guests more so I guess it’s fine. 😉

Bleach Anime Toppers

Bleach Anime Toppers

The lower designs are Daddy bunny and me in some of our notable things. Daddy bunny was holding a laptop since he is very techie (our family and friends’ own tech support 24/7). Prior to the wedding, I was assigned for 6 months in Chicago  and the laptop was the bridge that linked us together. MSN Messenger and Skype became our best friends.

Daddy Bunny and his laptop

Daddy Bunny and his laptop

As for my topper, I’m wearing my signature school girl attire and holding my red guitar. I was learning how to play the guitar and bought this little electric guitar as a birthday gift to myself when I was in Chicago. It’s also the guitar that we used when we played at the wedding program.

Mommy Bunny and my guitar

Mommy Bunny and my guitar

This was really one of the unique ideas we had for our wedding which we will definitely keep in our memories forever. 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved

For the second straight year, the Bunnies have written down goals for the year. Last year, I’ve crossed out driving from my list and the whole family is excited to fulfill our goals for 2013.

The photo challenge for this week is all about the Resolve for us to reach our resolutions. Slowly but surely, the Bunnies are also getting there. I blogged about one of our goals for this year: The Travelling Musicians. We resolved to get more travels this year and to learn a new musical instrument.

I’ve already booked a Cebu trip for February and although it is more work-related, I resolve to enjoy whatever adventures my team will plan for that weekend.


Camotes…I’m coming back for you ~~~

Oh, and the music! Daddy Bunny already started his violin lessons last week and despite being basically “tone deaf”, I’m trying my hand at something new. I’m so proud to say that at age 30, I learned how to play a very basic Happy Birthday in the piano. And a baby piano at that! Promise, by the end of the year I will have learned more songs. Maybe Twinkle Twinkle and Old MacDonald. 😛

Old Dogs Can Learn New Tricks

Old Dogs Can Learn New Tricks

The year is just starting but a lot of exciting things are already lined up for the Bunnies. This is going to be great! 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: My 2012 in Pictures

I’m not really the type to write year-end posts on “the year that was” since I can’t find the words to sum up everything that happened and all the rollercoaster emotions I’ve been through in a year. I’ve started blog posts for several year-ends and then quit before I finish a paragraph. It’s just overwhelming.

I guess now that the weekly photo challenge is about my 2012 in pictures, I can finally have that year-end post that has eluded me for so long. This year has been one of the most challenging and emotional one for me and my family. But like they say, what does not kill me makes me stronger. So without further ado, here’s a sneak peek of My 2012.


It may not be the best but it sure is still filled with memories and lessons learned. Now that 2013 is here, cheers to more challenges and fun memories! Happy New Year everybody!  🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: Big

This week’s photo challenge is BIG. A few years back I didn’t think that I would someday consider myself big. Pre-pregnancy I was only at 96 lbs then grew to as much as 130 lbs towards the end of the pregnancy. Getting pregnant is one of the greatest things that happened to me and although Yui is now an active and beautiful 3 year old, I still get awed at how big I was when I was carrying her. Seeing this little girl now and remembering her inside my womb is really a miracle.

Here I am, more than 3 years ago, in all my big belly glory 🙂