DP: Ready, Set Go

This is my first time to actually join in the Daily Prompt challenges. I’ve always seen it but didn’t have the nerve to join in. But today is going to be different. I’m posting an entry in 10 minutes. Including the photo upload time. Can I do it? I only have 7 mins left! I’m always rushing, so I think I can.

Like this morning, I was rushing to work again. I’m waaaay early than our 9am time in. Hey, It’s only 7am but I’m walking fast. Really Fast.

Brisk Walking: That's my style :)

Brisk Walking: That’s my style 🙂

Then I pondered. Why am I always rushing when I can sometimes chill and take in the moment. So I looked around me. There are a lot of people walking. The morning rush, they say. But these are mostly call center employees that are just about to go home. Then I saw the trees and the buildings. I love this area where I work. It can really be refreshing in the mornings. I just needed to look and take notice.



And so, I decided to take it slow today. Chill and Relax. That will be my mantra for today. So I’m enjoying a cup of hot choco before I start my work day.

My Hot Choco

My Hot Choco

And that’s the end of my 10 minutes. I even had 17 seconds left. Cool! 🙂

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