Woody the Explorer

Yui’s cousins gave her a Woody cowboy doll which she just L.O.V.E. It wasn’t really planned but during the past summer, we brought “him” along in all our trips and then sort of had his own photo shoots whenever we go. This long weekend, we’re going back to the Coffee Farmhouse and we’re bringing Woody again. This time, we’re going with the cousins that gave the doll and they’ll see how much that doll brought so much joy to their little cousin Yui 🙂

Woody at The Coffee Farmhouse, April 2011.

Woody at The Coffee Farmhouse Woody at The Coffee Farmhouse

Woody at Tagaytay, May 2011

Woody at Tagaytay

Woody at White Sands Resort Mactan, Cebu, May 2011

Woody at Cebu Woody at Cebu

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