Happy 3 Years!

This month marks my blog’s third year anniversary. I wouldn’t have remembered if WordPress did not greet me. 🙂

Lucky Three! :)

Lucky Three! 🙂

Wow, I can’t believe I lasted this long (I think this is the longest blog I’ve kept). I’ve posted a lot of personal thoughts, adventures and Yui stories in this blog, but to commemorate my third anniversary, here’s my top 3 most favorite posts.

#3 The PaRK at Real, Quezon

Probably the most visited page in this site, I still can’t believe how many people are interested about this little surfing slash hangout slash chillin’ place in Quezon. I felt ecstatic too when I learned that this post is in the first page of the Google search results when you search for the resort.

#2 Until We Meet Again, Dear Sister

One of the most emotional blog post I made is this short eulogy for my sister-in-law, Aileen. She was one strong, fun and free-spirited girl and losing her this early was heartbreaking for the whole family. Until now, Yui would randomly blurt out that she misses “ninay” Aileen. Then she would go quiet for a while. Despite the very short time that we got to spend with her, I’m still thankful that Yui was able to meet her “ninay” and they were able to build memories together.

#1 Look-alike Meter Part 1

And for my top favorite post… The Look-alike meter. Oftentimes, people would wonder aloud who Yui looks like. This look-alike meter settled all the questions and wondering. It’s fun to see how Yui looks exactly like Daddy Bunny and me. A second post was done when Yui was almost 2 years old to see if the percentage changed. Well, it did. by 3% , which is negligible. I wanted to check the look-alike meter now but unfortunately the site does not work anymore 😦


So there, those are my most memorable posts the past 3 years. I’m looking forward to posting more stories and adventures for the next 3 years, and the next and the next.

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