Cattleya Resort, Antipolo

“Tayo na sa Antipolo. At doon maligo tayo.”

This is one of those songs that just pop up in my mind whenever Antipolo, Rizal is mentioned. Although I’ve lived in nearby Angono for several years when I was a kid, I’ve only visited Hinulugang Taktak once and even thought that it is located in Tanay. (O_o)

Fast forward 20 years and I got the chance to swim in Antipolo again. This time at the Cattleya Resort with Daddy Bunny’s former officemates. Whenever I research for resorts near Manila, Antipolo will always be mentioned by online readers. Some of the reviews I’d read are not really nice so I didn’t have high expectations for the Cattleya Resort. That’s why I was pleasantly surprised when we got there late Friday night.

The place is quite easy to find, we were only confused when we turned from the main road and were looking for the resort. There was a fork that wasn’t in the map and the map on their site lacks details (it only said school, but not the name of the school and we encountered several along the way). Upon reaching the Catherine private villa, we were greeted with a nice facade with stairs going up the villa. The Catherine villa is one of the latest addition to the resort so it was really clean and looks and feels new all around.

Catherine entrance

For 12 hours of stay, the rent was Php10,000 for the private villa including a pool, jacuzzi and videoke. Sa pool at videoke pa lang, sulit na. 🙂 The water in the pool was clean mainly because their maintenance team cleans the pool every after session. They also have a swing set beside the pool and although the location of the swing can be dangerous for drunk tenants, it is a nice addition to the villa. Makes you revisit your childhood. 🙂


The villa has a big open space perfect for the unlimited videoke session and the dinner. They have 3 big monobloc dining sets which makes eating easy. They also have a kitchen with ref and an outdoor grill for cooking your own food. They have 2 bathroom with the one being near the pool that includes the shower area. The only downside is the small bedroom with only 3 single beds (but it fit about 11 of us there, so it’s not really a downer as long as you’re not choosy).

Dining area

There was also a jacuzzi that we enjoyed because of the bubbles but the water didn’t get hot enough for you to really get the jacuzzi feel. Nonetheless, it was fun staying there and get your temperature regulated before jumping into the big pool.


All in all, it was a fun stay and Antipolo will surely be something that I’ll consider in the future when looking for a quick getaway from Manila. 🙂

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