Countdown to the Thirteenth: 4 Days

Last night, in the midst of the pouring rain, electricity went out. We took this as an opportunity to play and bond even in the dark. It was also a great opportunity to play some of my childhood games. Totally old school. Totally fun.

1. Shadow puppets – We had fun playing with our shadows even if the only decent one I can do is a bird. LOL! We even became monsters and rabbits.

2. Nanay Tatay – It’s a Filipino hand game that’s really popular when I was a kid. Although Yui can’t grasp the exact hand gestures yet, it was a good way to practice our counting.

3. Shatong – We played an improvised shatong using Yui’s markers. We played it with Yui just hitting the marker off the ground and making it fly across the room.

4. Pick-up sticks – Again, we used markers to play “pick-up sticks“. It was sort of a fail since the markers keep rolling away from each other so in essence you can pick them up without moving another marker. Haha!

In the end, it wasn’t about winning or playing the games with the actual rules but more of introducing Yui to games that don’t require swiping or tapping a finger on a screen. 🙂


4 more days ’til daddy comes home. We can actually count it in one hand. Cool! Can’t wait!

4 Days: Waiting in the dark

4 Days: Waiting in the dark

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