Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

This week’s photo challenge is all about CHANGE. Since last year we were already contemplating on whether to continue Yui in the Home Room playgroup or move her to the “big school”. It was one of those decisions that meant a huge adjustment is coming.

This summer, we already went to the big school and the little one submitted her application for pre-school, took the entrance exams and had a glimpse of her future school.

It is huge and so much bigger than the Home Room center. It will have more students than the playgroup. It will have stricter rules and school regulations.

Definitely, a big change is coming our way. But this is something that we will all embrace with open arms. Our whole family is hand in hand with the adjustments that this change will bring.


And this application for enrollment is just the first step of our little big girl. 🙂

Application for enrolment

One small step. One giant leap.


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