Sanity Check

With all the hullabaloo going on the past few weeks, these things keep my sanity in place and prevent me from exploding into a tiny million pieces…

Reading togetherWe’ve always called my cousin, Cianthel, as our first born child since she was 2 years old. So it was fun to see her and Yui together. Here, they are sharing some quiet time reading books.

Playing blocksplaytimeOur “kids” playing together 🙂

Donna the scholarAt first glance, I thought that this is Dora, only to find out that it is Donna the scholar in this lunch box. LOL!

Bob's bagAnother lunch box at the grocery. Who’s Bob’s bag!?

FashionistaFashionistaGrabbing her grandma’s bag and holding it like a little fashionista

White rabbitSeeing white rabbit all fixed brings a smile on my face 🙂

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