Our Green Christmas

Gift-giving is one of the highlights of our Christmas morning. The kids excitedly open their presents and play with the toys inside the boxes. After all the fun and excitement, it was sort of heart-breaking to see the pile of gift wrappers dumped in the big black garbage bag. I imagined how much they cost and the trees that were cut just to make those red, green, christmasy paper.

This year, I told daddy bunny that I planned not to buy any gift wrapper for Christmas and he totally supported the idea. What we did was grab December issues of our magazines. I especially liked those issues because its got all those glittery, Christmas themed pages.

December issues

Christmas pages

I got my crafts box out so that I can use the ribbons that I saved up from my previous scrapbook activities.

Crafts box

The challenge with this project was wrapping pretty big gifts because you have to join a lot of magazine pages just to wrap one gift. After several days and with the help of my handy helper, Yui, we were able to wrap all our gifts just in time for Christmas. I’m very satisfied with what we did, and although it wasn’t 100% eco-friendly (maybe next year we’ll use cloth to wrap presents), at least we’ve done something to save some trees this year.

Finished product

It was also amusing to learn that our cousins did the same thing too, as suggested by our niece Bea. Kids these days are really aware of issues and its amazing how they want to help save our mother earth. After all, this is the only one that we’ve got.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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