Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique

Recently, we’ve been busy with preparations for some of our friends’ weddings. Four couple friends have asked Yui to be their flower girl so we’ve been to gown measurements, fitting and hunting of a dress since January. When I read about this week’s photo challenge, my thoughts wandered to our own wedding. Daddy bunny and I love Japanese music and anime and these were incorporated into our wedding program.

One of our unique ideas which received very good feedback from our guests is our wedding cake. Getting this cake was sort of a last minute decision. We initially wanted to have just a simple cake from the friendly neighborhood bake shop but when I saw this baker’s site and the cakes she made, I just fell in love with her work. So despite pulling another arm for the cake, we went for it. And we were not disappointed.

Our Wedding Cake: Japanese personal style

Our Wedding Cake: Japanese personal style

Some of our guests, who were not familiar with the Bleach anime, were baffled why the bride and groom toppers were wearing black. Well, we patterned them from Ichimaru Gin and Matusumoto Rangiku who are captain and vice-captain of the Shinigami. Too bad we were not able to have a zanpakuto in the topper but it might scare some of the guests more so I guess it’s fine. 😉

Bleach Anime Toppers

Bleach Anime Toppers

The lower designs are Daddy bunny and me in some of our notable things. Daddy bunny was holding a laptop since he is very techie (our family and friends’ own tech support 24/7). Prior to the wedding, I was assigned for 6 months in Chicago  and the laptop was the bridge that linked us together. MSN Messenger and Skype became our best friends.

Daddy Bunny and his laptop

Daddy Bunny and his laptop

As for my topper, I’m wearing my signature school girl attire and holding my red guitar. I was learning how to play the guitar and bought this little electric guitar as a birthday gift to myself when I was in Chicago. It’s also the guitar that we used when we played at the wedding program.

Mommy Bunny and my guitar

Mommy Bunny and my guitar

This was really one of the unique ideas we had for our wedding which we will definitely keep in our memories forever. 🙂

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