Dear Diary: Our Little Time Capsule

When Yui was still a baby, I had a small notebook that I kept as a “Yui journal” where I write short letters to her. I figured it will be fun for her to read the journal when she grows up. And surely, she did! Few years back, when I found that first notebook while cleaning up, I gave it to her and she loved reading the letters. She even made them her bedtime stories and reads the letters before going to sleep.

Here’s the first entry that I had when she was just five months old:

First letter for baby Yui

Fast forward to last year, I bought a cute notebook at the souvenir shop in Nami Island during our Korea trip. I figured it would be too cute to just write anything so I decided to make another Yui journal.

Yui journal

I started with an entry after we bought it so I put in some remembrance from the trip as well, such as her boarding pass, entrance tickets to Nami Island and Gyeongbokgung Palace, and bus/train tickets.

At first it was just me that was writing letters to future Yui but after a while Yui also started writing to her future self. I think it’s a good idea so that she can also remember what she’s been up to when she was 8. 😊

We’re barely halfway through with the notebook but we’ve been writing more frequently recently and we’re excited to write some more especially our upcoming adventures!

I hope we’ll be able to keep this tradition even until she’s older. It’s our little time capsule that makes our journey more exciting 😊

2 thoughts on “Dear Diary: Our Little Time Capsule

  1. I love this entry.. can’t imagine how you’re able to manage this.. where the heck do you get some more free time?! Hehe. I wish i can also do this… but i know i cant. Hahaha. I’ll just video-taped moments with Ash 🙂 Good job Mommy Bunny. Sooo proud of you 🙂 ❤️❤️❤️

    • Thanks mare! Madaldal lang ako talaga haha! Keep the videos, I’m sure Ash will love them when she’s older (baka mahiya konti pag makita pinaggagawa nya like Yui haha, pero worth it pagdocument) ❤️

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